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What You Must Need to Know About A Learner’s Permit

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A learner’s permit is a restricted license with set guidelines for what’s allowed and what’s disallowed.

The premise of this permit is to provide citizens with a chance to learn on the road (legally) while developing their driving skills.

In order to be legally able to drive on the road, you must have car insurance which can be obtained with a permit as well.

Let’s go through some frequently asked questions by learner permit holder.


Can you drive to school with a learner permit?

In Indiana, Iowa, Texas, Maryland, Rhode Island and Kentucky a student between 17-18 is allowed to drive the vehicle on their own.

While teenage drivers in California, Oregon, Nebraska, Maine, Florida, New York, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Arizona require a signed slip before doing so.

Can you use a driver’s permit out of state?

In most cases, an out of state permit is accepted as a possible solution, but there are listed restrictions on what one can do. For example, states such as Nevada, New York, and Oregon have an age-based restriction.

Can you drive with a permit with passengers?

Drivers are allowed to drive without passengers in certain states, but it’s recommended to do so within established hours (1 am in Wisconsin or 9 PM in South Carolina).

However, a driver cannot do so for the first six months of his/her approved permit. They can only sit with a licensed parent or instructor.

Can I drive myself to work with a permit?

The same rules apply as the ones listed for driving to school.

If one can drive to school, he/she can drive to work in the same states.

What time are learners allowed to drive?

Learners are allowed to drive between established hours, and these are highlighted on the official website.

However, these restrictions are lifted once a person has had the license for six months.

Can you drive on the highway with a permit?

Yes, one may drive on the highway with his/her permit as long as all restrictions have been lifted.

How long do you have to wait after your permit to get your license?

You have to keep the learner’s permit for at least six months before applying for the enhanced license. It is also essential to complete 50-hours of “behind the wheel” Training to apply for the new license. This training requires attention to detail and is something to note for those who are seeking a smooth transition.

A driver has to be of a certain age (over 16) before applying too.

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