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Do You Need Insurance to Test Drive a Car?

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It’s an interesting question that many people do not consider asking if they need car insurance for a test drive. When you want to buy a vehicle from the dealership, it is critically important that you do everything that you can to make the right decision, including test driving the vehicle.

In this regard, you need to learn a little bit about the risks, including what happens if you get in an accident during a test drive. This article will cover you in learning that sort of information, so read on to find out more.

Can You Test Drive a Car without Insurance?

Test Drive and Insurance

Want to go for a Test Drive?

The answer depends on who owns the vehicle that you are test driving. If the entity that owns the vehicle is a car dealership, then the answer is no, you do not need to have car insurance to drive the vehicle. This is because car dealerships have special coverage in place just in case the test driver gets involved in an accident.

Keep in mind however that each state has its own rules and regulations when it comes to what car dealers are required to carry in terms of insurance coverage for those who test drive their vehicles.

What if an individual own the car?

If you are driving a vehicle that is owned by an individual, then you will need to have some type of car insurance. Many standard policies allow you to drive another person’s vehicle with their permission. This is usually stated clearly in your policy that covers your vehicle which usually says drive another vehicle with owner’s permission or something to that effect. In rarer cases, the seller may have insurance which covers you when test driving their vehicle.

Your First Car:

If you are looking to purchase your first vehicle, you need to understand that you do not need insurance to test drive a car from a licensed dealership. However, you will in all likelihood need insurance to test drive a vehicle from an individual.

With car dealerships, you can generally be confident that your test drive will be covered by their insurance. However, once you purchase the vehicle, you will need to get your own insurance which will be required in order for you to get the tag.

What You Must Know:

Auto Dealers

Most of the time Car Dealers will Have Special Cover in Place!

If you test drive a vehicle from a licensed car dealership, you will not have to be concerned in terms of insurance coverage. If you do get into an accident, the dealership’s coverage will ensure that their vehicle is properly repaired and depending on the circumstances will cover other vehicles that are involved as well even if the accident was your fault. However, this should not be seen as some type of permission to drive recklessly or with abandon.

A solution for individuals..

You will need test drive car insurance if you are driving a vehicle that is owned by an individual whose insurance does not cover you. A named operator policy may be the answer as the insurance will cover you when operating someone else’s vehicle if their insurance does not apply. If you are purchasing from an individual, you may need to obtain some type of insurance in order to be properly covered. This means that you should not simply believe the person that you are test driving the vehicle.

For first-time car buyers, it may be best to purchase from a licensed car dealership for the peace of mind in being covered just in case the worst should happen during a test drive.

How old do you have to be in order to go for a test drive?

Many states and dealerships have their laws and practices involving their age for allowing drivers to test drive their vehicles. In most situations, you will need to be at least 18 years old to test drive a vehicle. However, some dealerships might allow people 16 to test drive a car if they are accompanied by a parent or other adult.

What happens if you get into a vehicle wreck during a test drive?

Practices for handling an auto accident when test driving is the same as they would be if you wreck your vehicle. You will need to exchange information with the other driver and take pictures of the incident to prove liability. From there, insurance companies will kick in and go through the rest of the process.

What happens from an insurance standpoint?

All dealerships have a test drive insurance policy that is intended to cover anyone who takes one of the vehicles off the lot. If you are at fault, you may be required to use your auto insurance in order to pay for the damages or injuries caused. This will typically be a matter of proving fault, which is why you should always be willing and able to prove your case.

Consider these points as you look to test drive a vehicle.

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