Will A Suspended License Show Up On Your Criminal Background Check?

A criminal background check is required for several situations in the US and it’s important to be aware of what will show up once the process begins. Some people assume certain details will show up but they don’t and that’s why it’s essential to be aware.

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This read will do the research and offer insight on whether or not your criminal background check is going to affect or show information related to your license. This is an answer you will want to have in case the background check has to be done in the future.

National Driver Registry

Background Check and Driver's LicenseThis is where all driver-related information is stored by the state in which a license is established. The National Driver Registry is a computerized system that is responsible for this information and is kept up-to-date by an entire government division. This ensures the information is accessible, relevant, and updated as necessary.

It is kept by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis and is well-regarded for housing all of this information in relation to licenses.

If a person has a suspended license, it is going to be kept under their name at the National Center for Statistics and Analysis.

Criminal Background Check

Now that we are aware of where the record is kept, it’s time to dig into how the criminal history search is conducted. In the US, the criminal background check is established with the help of the criminal database that is run by local and federal agencies. This includes the local police, FBI, and other relevant law enforcement agencies in the nation.

Please note, these databases are not the same as a National Driver Registry and is not maintained by the same government division.

The criminal database is home to other information.

Suspended Driver’s License

Will it show up during the background check?

No, it will not show up in the background check unless it is asked for by the initiating officer. This means the individual who is doing the background check. However, if the check does venture down this path, it will not be looking for a suspended driver’s license. The goal is to check for “criminal” activity that might have been engaged in using a vehicle and that does not include a suspended driver’s license.

In most cases, an individual who has a suspended driver’s license will not be in a criminal investigation and if he/she is, it will already be in the regular criminal database with additional information.

This is why it is best to assume the background check is not going to take a look at the license or even head over to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis for a peek at the National Driver Registry.

It is deemed unnecessary and is not going to be something the criminal background check is going to be after. It is not the number one priority when the check is going through nor is it going to matter if it gets to such a point.