Reasons for Filing FR-44 in Florida

The fact is that everyone that gets behind the wheel of a car must carry insurance. It is mandatory in every state. The insurance covers all the risks that are involved, for example, personal injury, injury to others, physical damage to property, or wrecking your car. Some drivers in the state of Florida must carry the Florida FR-44 insurance. The Florida FR-44 insurance simply demonstrates that the driver has an auto liability insurance policy that meets the mandatory coverage rates that were set forth by the state.

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Florida FR-44 Insurance Requirements:

Those that are filing the certificate in Florida must meet certain requirements. First, it is important to understand that this certificate demonstrates financial responsibility. In the state of Florida, the certificate is filed to demonstrate that the driver has enough car insurance to meet the new liability requirements. For example, in the state of Florida, the liability requirements are 100/300/50 coverage. This demonstrates that the driver is covered for up to $100, 000 for causing an accident, $300,000 coverage for injury, and $50,000 for property damage.

Who Need this?

DUI Conviction and FR-44 Filing in FloridaOf course, not every driver in the state of Florida is required to file this certificate. The drivers that are required to file the certificate have committed certain infractions of the law. Currently, these are DUI convictions in the state. This includes driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

It also includes driving a vehicle with a suspended license because of some type of conviction and hurting or injuring another person while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

If a driver violates any provision law or there is any local ordinance, he might need an FR-44 as well. Any driver that is convicted of one of the previously mentioned violations must have their car insurance company file the certificate for Florida FR-44 Insurance. The state or local DMV will notify you. If it is not filed, the state might suspend the driver’s right to register their car, suspend their rights to drive, or suspend their rights to obtain state decals.

This is to note that there is a fee for filing FR-44 by your insurance company. Usually the fee is $15-$25 or can be higher in some other states. This one-time fee will be charged as a part of your insurance bill by the insurer.

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