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Non Owner FR-44 Insurance Florida

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How to Get Affordable Non Owner SR22 InsuranceEven when you least expect it, a vehicle accident can occur at any time. This is why people should always know the law, especially as it relates to driving the vehicle of someone else. Because each state’s law is different, people should also know the legislation for the state that they reside in so that will have the proper coverage at all time.

In specific, for people who live in the state of Florida, it is essential that they know what non owners FR-44 insurance is, how this insurance coverage works, how to file this type of policy in Florida after DUI or other traffic violations, how long will an individual need to carry a DUI, and how much does this coverage cost. With this being said, here a brief explanation of the areas addressed above.

Read here about the possible reasons you’ll need to file FR-44 in Florida.

FR-44 Insurance in Florida Non Owners:

Non owners FR-44 insurance can be described as insurance coverage that is mandated by the State of Florida. This kind of insurance is required of people who do not own a vehicle but will need liability coverage in the event they have an injury accident in someone else’s vehicle. This insurance must be purchased by those who have had a DUI conviction.

How does it Work?

When an individual is convicted of a DUI, the state law requires that they purchase a certain amount of coverage. Because these drivers are at higher risks of causing injury accidents and property damage, the coverage amounts are significantly higher than they are for other motorists. For instance, the limits in Florida are double the amounts that are set for FR-44 liability coverage standards.

Many people mix up SR-22 with FR-44 and here we differentiated between them.

How to File FR-44 in Florida?

The filing procedure for the FR44 after a DUI or other traffic violations was initially created by the state of Florida. There are specific conditions for filing this type of insurance and they are based on those that have been convicted of a DUI. Presently, it is being submitted to the state of Florida via an electronic procedure. Additionally, when an individual purchases their vehicle insurance, they must inform their insurance agent that they need to file an FR-44 before the process is complete.

Normally, it takes at least 5 days to be submitted.

How long will an Individual Need to Carry a DUI?

In general, an individual that has had a DUI or violation related to alcohol will need a FR-44 filing for 3 years in Florida (according to the changed laws in 2007). The start dates for filing will often vary, however, based on several factors including the location, license suspension dates and a unique assigned to obtain driver’s license again.

If the individual has a question about their specific circumstances, they may request the information from the state or talk to insurance agent.

Average Cost of Non Owner FR-44 Insurance Policy:

The cost for this coverage will vary from one insurance provider to another. Therefore, it is important for people to shop around. Contact us to get free quotes online almost instantly with no additional cost.

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