I Do Not Own a Car, Do I Need Insurance?

It’s a question that gets asked more often than you might think. The truth is that there are reasons for those who are eligible to drive to get car insurance even if they do not own a vehicle. In fact, in many ways, it makes sense to own car insurance to be adequately prepared in case you need to drive a vehicle.

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Car Insurance for those who don't own vehicleYou will want to purchase non-owner car insurance to cover the various events that life may have for you. Life is about the unexpected, which is why having named operator coverage makes for the right precaution in case you need to drive.

Insurance without a Vehicle:

This type of coverage is for the individual and not the vehicle. The qualifications are the same as standard car insurance as you must have a driver’s license which is active. Plus, the driving record, age, sex, and other factors are taken into account which sets the level of premiums that you must pay.

Because this type of coverage is based on the individual, it applies to the vehicle in which they are driving. So, for a person who lives alone and drives many vehicles, this may be the perfect type of insurance for that particular need. However, it does not cover passengers and is set at the state minimum level of protection.

Why Get Car Insurance?

There are many reasons why you should consider getting car insurance even if you do not have a vehicle. For those who have a driver’s license, having car insurance provides you with options that can become quite useful in certain situations.

Emergency Situations: If there is a situation where you must drive a vehicle, you will have the insurance coverage which means that you can be on your way. This covers situations where you must be behind the wheel.

Borrowing Vehicles: For the most part, the insurance of the owner will cover you in the case of an accident. However, there are circumstances in which their insurance will not provide coverage, or the vehicle itself may not have any insurance.

Insured When Purchasing New Vehicle: When you purchase a used vehicle, your insurance coverage is already in place thanks to the named operator policy that you have already purchased. So, you can drive right off the lot or from the previous owner because you have insurance in place.

What is Named Operator Insurance?

This is a form of non-owner car insurance that allows you to operate a vehicle while being covered by insurance. This is perfect for those who do not own a vehicle but are borrowing one that does not have insurance. Besides, named operator auto insurance can be used by vehicle owners who never carry passengers or let anyone else borrow their car.

By getting this type of policy, you will always be prepared to drive a car. This can be very important when you find yourself in circumstances where driving is a must.