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Does Marital Status Have An Impact On Your Car Insurance Rate At All?

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Newly Married Couple StandingGetting affordable car insurance is one of the many crucial financial decisions married people have to struggle with. But does wedded couple pay lower or the marriage doesn’t have any effect on insurance rate at all?

Although most married couples may not know this, most insurance companies charge lower auto insurance premiums for married persons as compared to unmarried or divorced ones. Among other reasons, insurance companies consider married persons more ‘responsible’ when compared unmarried individual under 25, as well as divorcees.

This is why you need to disclose your marital status when applying for auto insurance with almost every insurer. According to them (insurance agents), married people drive more responsibly, and are less likely to speed with their loved ones onboard.

In addition to being ‘responsible,’ married individuals tend to invest in cars specially designed for families, otherwise known as family wagons.

If you have multiple vehicles…

Moreover, some families can have more than one car, which also means they may need joint car insurance for the two or three cars. Depending on the car’s worth, most insurance providers will offer insurance at lower rates as compared to when buying a cover for one car.

About The Premium:

The premium rates may, however, go up if one of the spouses drives pricier car model, a classic car, or has to drive many miles per day than you do. Nevertheless, joint car insurance will be considerably cheaper for the two vehicles.

More Discount Options for Married Couple

Adding your spouse as a secondary driver can also help attract greater discounts in the form of infrequent driver and multi-policy discounts. This particularly comes in handy if your spouse has an excellent driving record.

According to research, most people start thinking of settling down after hitting the 25-year mark. This means they have at least 5 years’ worth of experience behind their back, hence better qualified behind the wheel.

People with such experience is less likely to cause an accident. While adding a spouse with an impeccable driving record can attract lower insurance premium rates, anyone with a less-than-perfect driving record can be quite the opposite.

Age, is another factor insurance companies take into consideration when calculating one’s insurance premium rates.

As indicated earlier, most people start thinking about marriage after the age of 25. At this age, many are less mischievous and are less likely to run a RED light.

In addition to this, marriage life comes with many responsibilities, whereby one wants to be as safe as possible. With children and spouses to look after, the risk of reckless driving and speeding are greatly reduced. The reduced risk means lower car insurance rates.

What About Divorced, Separated or Even Widowed?

While married couples may get discounts on their auto insurance, divorced, separated, and widowed individuals may have to pay more in car insurance premiums. This is because they switch from being the designated drivers to the driver, which in most instances increases risks.

Many divorced individuals tend to be less careful with their decisions as compared to how they were when actively married. Due to this reason, one may be forced to pay more in car insurance just for being separated or divorced.

Your marital status can have both negative and positive effects on your car insurance rates. Nevertheless, most married individuals tend to get more discounts than their unmarried counterparts. Your marital status is just one, among many, factors that insurers look into to determine your risk level.

Nonetheless, shopping around for more affordable premiums can land you a better deal.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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