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Top Car Insurance Providers with Low Mileage Discounts

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Insurance companies offer many different discounts for their automotive coverage that includes taking a recognized safe driver course, driving a reliable vehicle, or raising the deductible. However, one of the more interesting is low mileage car insurance that can save you a considerable amount per month depending on how much you drive, the state where you live, and the insurance company you choose.

What is Limited Mileage Car Insurance?

Save with Low Mileage Car Insurance Discount

Drive Less? Then Pay Less for Insurance Too!

Depending on where you live, you can qualify for a low mileage discount if you drive less than 15,000 miles down to 7,000 miles per year. The mileage varies mostly due to the size of the states, and the average distance drivers must cover. Typically, you can save 2% or more on a full coverage policy if you have a discount for low mileage.

This is the perfect car insurance for the casual driver who keeps their vehicle in the garage most of the time.

What Insurance Companies Offer Low Mileage Discounts?

Many companies provide discounts on their car insurance for the occasional driver or those who have special restrictions. However, it should be noted that not all insurance companies offer such discounts and there are variations between where you live and the type of discount you might receive.


Allstate offers a program called “Drivewise” which offers a discount based on an app that monitors your driving habits. In addition to the number of miles you drive, it also takes into account your speed and how you brake. Drivers may earn up to 3% off their current premiums which do vary from state to state. Those in North Carolina, for example, will not have the discount applied to their liability coverage.

The next two companies use a system called pay per mile car insurance or pay as you drive. It takes advantage of new technology, so this is for those who drive vehicles that are no more than two decades old.

State Farm:

State Farm offers discounts to drivers who drive 7,500 miles or less per calendar year on their vehicle.  Their program is called the “In-Drive” track, and it monitors how many miles you put on the vehicle, how fast you accelerate, and how hard you brake through a device placed in the diagnostic port of your vehicle. In addition, it also monitors when you drive such as from midnight to 4 am which is a bad time for accidents.

The combination of all the information may provide you with a 10% discount.


Progressive uses a system called Snapshot which monitors your driving habits which include the number of miles you put on the vehicle each year. A device is placed in the diagnostic port of the vehicle which monitors the number of miles you drive and your driving habits.

The program is like State Farm’s “In-Drive” and depending on where you live, you can save upwards of 10% or more.

Currently, companies such as GEICO and Liberty Mutual do not offer low mileage discounts. Plus, you will need to check to see what is available in your state as that varies. It helps to search other companies to find a low mileage insurance trick that will help you get lower rates.

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