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Insuring a Red Car – Myth vs. Reality

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One of the most interesting beliefs when it comes to auto insurance is that cars that are painted red cost more to insure. However, is insurance higher for a red car?

Do You Pay More for Insuring a Red Car?

Red Car Insurance

Do You Pay Higher Premium for Red Cars?

The answer is no. The insurance rates for vehicles that are red is no different for the same make and model if it were any other color. In fact, it is very common for insurance companies never to ask you the color of your vehicle because it is not related to the number of accidents or how you operate your vehicle.

It should be noted that once you step inside your vehicle, there are very few visual clues save perhaps for the hood of your car that indicates its color. So, the color has no direct effect on how you drive your car, and it’s more about your upbringing, age, attitude, skill, and experience behind the wheel.

These are the factors that play the most important role when it comes to how you operate your vehicle with the color having no particular bearing at all.

Why Car Insurance Higher for a Red Car a Myth?

Despite the fact that red cars are not any more expensive to insure than other colors, the persistence of this particular belief stems from seemingly credible sources. Many sports or racing cars are red which helps denote their overall speed and performance. Besides, it is believed that law enforcement authorities may simply spot a red vehicle more often than another color because of its brightness.

For example, a red sports car flying down the highway is bound to get noticed for its bright color as compared to green, blue, or black.

The myth has been pervasive enough to appear in movies and television shows where red vehicles are invariably fast and dangerous. However, quite a few pickup trucks are also red which should nullify the myth to some extent. Perhaps because it has been so engrained into people’s minds red car insurance is seen by many as naturally more expensive.

Factors that Car Insurance Rates are Based On:

The most common factors that go into setting your insurance premiums regarding the vehicle are as follows;

  • Make & Model
  • Body Type
  • Size of Engine
  • Age of Vehicle

Naturally, there are other factors as well such as your driving record as well as your age and gender that goes into setting the premium levels for your insurance. Plus, the type of auto insurance you get will also determine just how much you pay. It is these factors that go into your rate structure and not the color of the vehicle itself.

In the end, the red car insurance myth is one that will probably be around for the foreseeable future since most people associate red with speed or faster vehicles. However, for those who are concerned that owning a red car means higher rates that are certainly not true.

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