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Can I Insure A Car That Is Not in My Name? – Here’s The Answer

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Although it may seem strange at first to many people, insuring a car you do not own is not only possible, it happens more often than you might think. Since auto insurance is required in 48 out of the 50 states, there are times in which getting insurance for a vehicle you do not own is needed.

Adding Another Vehicle

Car Insurance Covers the Driver or Car?If you have insurance for one vehicle, you can add another to the policy even if you do not own the car or truck. Of course, the insurance company will have to be notified and approve of covering a vehicle you do not own under the policy.

There are circumstances in which they may deny coverage, so you will need to seek out for approval and you may have to contact more insurance companies before finding the one that will add a vehicle to the policy.

It will mean providing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so it can be checked out by the insurers. This is done to ensure that you have access to the car that you want to insure. Keep in mind that in most cases your rates will not be affected because it is you, not the vehicle that is being covered.

You may be able to add another driver to your policy, but your rates will most likely increase if they have a bad driving record or are under the age of 27 years old.

Separate Policy

You can purchase a separate policy for a vehicle that offers the same protections as if you owned the car or truck itself. The same is true if asking can someone else insure my car if the title is under my name. They can, but only when they are operating your vehicle.

The insurance you purchase for another for another car only applies when you are behind the wheel.

You can get comprehensive coverage if you buy a separate policy. Plus, if you only drive the vehicle occasionally, you might get a low rate because of the mileage.

So, do you have to own a car to insure it? The answer is no.

Non-Owner Insurance

You can insure a car registered to someone else if the owner’s insurance does not cover you when in their vehicle. This is perfect for those who may not have a vehicle, but borrow someone else’s from time to time. Called non-owner insurance, it is a limited policy that lets you drive another vehicle using insurance under your name.

You need to remember that…

The insurance itself is rather limited in that you are only covered in case an accident with another vehicle occurs. You are not covered if the car hits an animal or tree for example.

Other restrictions include not being qualified for the insurance if you live with the owner of the vehicle. In that case, the other person should add you to their coverage.

Final thought…

So, the answer to the question of does the title of a car has to be in your name to get insurance is yes. Plus, it may be the best way to provide coverage for the vehicle depending on the circumstances.

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