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How to Get Points Off Your License?

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One way to help lower the cost of car insurance is to reduce points on license. This is a straightforward way to improve your driving record which in turn results in lower car insurance payments.

How Your Driving Record Affects Car Insurance?

Of the many factors that insurance companies take into account when assessing your premiums, a clean driving record is one of, if not the most important of all considerations.

Your driving record is an actual account of how you conduct yourself on the road when behind the wheel. A clean driving record greatly helps in getting the lowest premium for your policy. On the other hand, bad driving record is one of the common reasons people pay higher premium.

However, a driving record that includes moving violations and accidents results in premiums that are significantly higher and in some cases may push your ability to pay. This results in taking budget insurance policies that you may not want or are impossible to get because you used a lender to help purchase the vehicle.

There are many people who are put in the impossible position of being able to get a loan for a vehicle, but not able to pay the required insurance rates because of their driving record.

Tips to Get Points off Your Driving Record:

Here are a few proven tips to help reduce the points or incidents that count against your driving record. Each one you clear means paying less for your auto insurance.

Complete a Traffic Safety Course: One way to remove tickets from driving record is to participate and complete a state-approved traffic safety course. Most states offer this for all drivers, while a few like Illinois require court approval first before participation.

Be sure that you take one from a state-approved school otherwise the DMV will not remove anything from your driving record. Once completed, take the certificate to your local DMV and they will clear away past offenses depending on the rules and regulations of your state. You may find that not all of the points are removed, so know how many it will clear before you choose the school.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record for a Pre-Designated Period of Time: Time is usually the best ally you have when it comes to clearing your driving record. In some states like Massachusetts for example, for every three years you avoid accidents or tickets, they remove one point from your driving record. Other states have different standards, but all of them will remove points or clear the history of tickets and accidents after a pre-determined period of time.

Check with Your State: Each state has its own rules and regulations about removing points, so check with them and your insurance company to see what other means you can use to gain a clear driving record. Your DMV should have the information you need to see what other options are available to clear up your driving record.

In the end, there are certain actions that you can take to clear up your driving record so that your insurance rates will go down. The earlier you start, the faster you can remove the tickets and accidents from your driving record which means that you can start paying less in a shorter period of time.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!