How to Drive Safe in the Winter?

Drive Safe in WinterDriving in the snow and ice is very different from driving on a nice sunny day. Winter weather can make driving dangerous. The best thing you can do to stay safe when the roads are icy is to avoid going out. When going out cannot be avoided allow yourself extra time, drive slowly, and remember these winter driving tips.

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Keep Your Car Maintained:

Have your car serviced each time you have the oil changed. This is usually about every 3,000 miles. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained ensures that you will not blow a brake line or lose power steering driving down an icy road.

Get Good Snow Tires:

I cannot stress the importance of having good snow tires on your vehicle enough. A good set of snow tires will give you the traction that you need to not slip and slide. Driving with summer tires or bald tires is dangerous in the winter. You may as well put ice skates on your car. To stay safe invest in a good set of winter tires.

Let Your Car Heat Up For 15 Minutes Before You Leave:

There are a couple of good reasons to do this. First, the motor of your car needs a few minutes to warm up before it’s ready to run. When the temperatures drops to below freezing it’s very important to give your motor this warm up time. Doing so can prevent damage.

You will know your vehicle is warmed up by the inside temperature. If the heater is working good and the car is nice and warm you are ready to go. While you are waiting for your car to warm up take the time to properly clean it off.

Clean The Snow and Ice Off Of Your Vehicle:

Mother nature sometimes likes to dump a load on us. It doesn’t only coat the ground; it also covers our porches, cars, and driveways. While you are waiting for your car to warm up take the time to remove all of the snow and ice from your vehicle. Ice often builds up on the windows under the snow. Ice and snow affect your ability to see out the windows.

It creates blind spots that could cause accidents. It is very important to completely remove all ice and snow from every window. It is also important to brush the snow off of the top of your vehicle. It can blow off when driving and hit the car behind you.