How to Reinstate License with SR50 Insurance

An SR50 is a form or affidavit that provides proof to the BMV in Indiana that you have current auto insurance. The form reflects the beginning and ending dates of your policy and is often required when you are reinstating your driver’s license. The SR50 itself demonstrates that you are carrying the minimal amount of insurance as required by the state of Indiana. However, you can carry a higher amount of coverage if you desire for your vehicle.

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For those who own a vehicle, all that you need to do is attach the SR50 form to the policy itself as the insurance company will ensure that the state is made aware of your coverage. If you do not own a vehicle, then you will need to file the SR50 with a named operator’s policy. The form will be filed by the insurance company electronically to the state in the same manner as an SR22 form.

In fact, the only practical difference between the forms is that the insurance company is required to inform the state if you lapse or discontinue your policy with an SR22. With an SR50, the insurance company is not required to notify the state.

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The cost of adding the SR50 form is minimal and in the form of a one-time fee. This is because the form is not insurance, but merely a notification by the insurance company to the state that you have at least the legal minimal coverage for you or your vehicle.