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Florida Suspended License and Reinstatement

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Having a suspended license in Florida means that you are not allowed to operate a vehicle on public roads under the law.

Reasons for License Suspension in Florida:

There are a number of reasons why your driver’s license may be suspended, but the four main ones are as follows;

There is a set limit on the number of traffic points you may accumulate before your license becomes suspended. Failing to pay a traffic fine will also get your license suspended along with being charged with a DUI. Plus, if you do not pass the vision test, you will not be allowed to operate a vehicle.

How to Check if Your License is Suspended?

You can check with the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if your license is suspended. Generally speaking, most people will be informed by the DMV that their driver’s license has been suspended, but if you are away from home, it is possible that the notice of suspension may miss you.

It is free to check the status of your license, and you can also note any points that have accumulated so far. Plus, you can ask about how to remove any points from your license which will reduce the chances of suspension.

Driving with Suspended License:

Arrested by Police for License SuspensionIf you are caught driving with a suspended license in Florida, the result will usually be an arrest or at the very least you will not be allowed to operate your vehicle when caught. This means that you should not drive with a Florida suspended license at any time. Check out more frequently asked questions and answers about getting coverage with suspended license.

How to Reinstate Your License?

Reinstating your Florida suspended license will consist of two parts. First, you will need to address the issue or issues that caused the suspension, and you will then need to pay the appropriate fines to get your license reinstated.  There is a reinstatement fee, but there may be other charges that you will have to pay depending on how your license was suspended.

You may need to bring a copy of certain documents or have to enroll in a driving safety course depending on the reasons why your license was suspended.

Points & Failing to Pay Fine: You will need to bring a copy of the summons, pay the appropriate fines, and complete a court-ordered traffic school course. The reinstatement fee is $60 for getting your driver’s license back.

Failing to Appear in Court after Cited for Criminal Activity: In Florida, you need to submit D6 clearance form, more details here.

DUI: The same as above, but you will also need to enroll or complete a DUI course and treatment program. Plus, you’ll need to show proof of bodily injury liability insurance. Once completed, you will get your license back.

Vision: You must submit a report demonstrating that you have met the minimum vision standards. If the suspension was for a weak field of vision, you would have to mail your report and a field of vision chart to the Bureau of Motorist Compliance.

In the end, having a suspended driver’s license in Florida is very similar to other states, but you will need to pay fees and follow the court’s instructions to get your license back.

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