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Car Insurance with Expired License

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It is quite common for people to let their driver’s license expire for some reasons, although forgetfulness tends to be the most popular. Insurance companies and law enforcement agencies understand that this can happen, but there are still penalties involved for those with car insurance expired license.

Can You Get Car Insurance with Expired License?

The answer is yes depending on a number of factors. If you are renewing your vehicle insurance, then you will get it automatically as long as you pay the bill. However, this does not mean that you should start driving without being properly licensed. Get quotes from us to learn how much it costs to you.

Getting car insurance from another company with an expired license is more difficult, but it can be done as long as you renew the driver’s license soon. Frankly, you should address the driver’s license first if it is expired and then get insurance, but many insurance companies will go ahead and sell you a policy because there are conditions built-in to the insurance coverage. Plus, if you have no driver’s license, then you cannot get car insurance at all.

So, the answer to the question – can I get car insurance with an expired license is yes, but there are some caveats you will need to address.

Police Pulled You Over with an Expired License?

Expired License and Car InsuranceIf the police pull you over for any reason, and your license is expired, what happens next will depend on how long it has been expired. Most states offer a grace period of 30 days which means that the police may let you off with a warning or ticket. However, if you get your driver’s license renewed during that time, the ticket fee may be waived by the court.

However, if your driver’s license has been expired for more than 90 days, this will often result in a traffic offense and have points placed on your license.

Your car insurance premiums will almost certainly go up in this case. However, it will not raise them as much compared to having a suspended license or driving without a license at all.

Car insurance with suspended license is a different story. You will need to fill out a special form and have it filed with the state as part of getting coverage. Check with your state’s rules and regulations when it comes to the right procedures to get auto insurance.

If you are involved in an accident with a driver’s license that is expired by more than 30 days, your insurance company may dispute the claim because you were not properly entitled to be driving the vehicle.

How Long it Takes to Renew License?

This will depend on your state laws, rules, and regulations. In states where you can walk out the door with a renewed license, the process will only take a few minutes. However, all fees must be paid first before you can get your driver’s license back.

In most cases, no license car insurance is possible if the expiration was less than a month old. However, it is a matter to be addressed quickly so that you can avoid any future penalties.

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