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Does Car Insurance Cover a Cracked Windshield?

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One of the most common repairs for automobiles is a cracked, chipped, or broken windshield. This is primarily because windshields can be damaged by the debris of all sizes ranging from pebbles to falling branches, gravel, animals, and more. Plus, even small cracks can expand considerably over a short period.

Unlike damage to your bumper, for example, even small cracks are instantly noticeable and will need to be addressed.

Do You Have Cracked Windshield Insurance Coverage?

Repair Cover for Damaged and Cracked WindshieldIf you have comprehensive auto insurance, then you are most likely covered depending on the insurance agency. If you only have liability and uninsured motorist, then cracked windshields are usually an option and not part of the mandatory coverage.

In addition, your deductible will play a role in paying to repair or replace your windshield. For example, if the damage requires $250 to repair and your deductible is $200, then the insurance company will only pay $50. Also, you will need to see if your insurance company covers the damage to your side and rear windows.

What Insurance Companies Cover?

If you have comprehensive coverage that includes cracked or damaged windshields, it will cover the cost minus the deductible if the damage was caused by the following;

Your insurance company may also cover for injuries from debris such as gravel, sand, and the like. However, it will usually not cover damage that you inflicted yourself.

Exceptions for Cracked Windshields:

You may have noticed TV commercials from companies that state they will repair small cracks in windshields that are most often covered by insurance companies. This means that you will pay nothing out of pocket for a service which costs $50 to $75. Many insurance companies will cover the cost if you have comprehensive coverage because a small crack that is repaired today will not become a big crack that requires the windshield to be replaced tomorrow.

Will Your Premium Go Up?

Cracked Windshield InsuranceIn most cases, if you file for a claim to repair or replace your windshield because of a collision, your premiums will not go up. However, this will depend on other factors. For example, how many times your windshield has been damaged in recent years and your driving record overall. Car insurance premium can go sky-high with bad driving record.

Besides, if the repair is lower, the same, or just slightly above the deductible, then you probably should not file a claim. This means that your premiums will automatically stay the same. Of course, you will have to pay out of pocket for the expense.

Beware of fraud in this regard and always get your windshield repaired or replaced by a reputable dealer. When working with companies that repair cracked windshields for a small fee that is charged to your insurance, be sure that they are reputable or work for a nationally-recognized dealer.

If you have comprehensive coverage, then you will most likely have cracked windshield protection. If you want to know the extent of your coverage, call your insurance agent or company so that you can find out just is and what is not covered when it comes to repairing or replacing your windshield.

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