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Do I Have To Have An SR22 If I Don’t Drive Or Own A Car?

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If you’ve lost your drivers license to a court of law due to a traffic infraction or criminal activity, you’ll be required to carry an SR22 for a period to prove that you’re carrying the proper insurance upon having your driver’s license reinstated.

What is an SR-22?

An SR22 is a certificate of insurance that is mandated by the state that proves you have the required liability insurance limits in your state. It’s not an insurance policy, but rather, an endorsement in an insurance coverage, and it’s filed with the state.

Do I need to Have SR-22 Even If I Don’t Have A Car?

This is a relatively common question. The short answer to this question is “yes”. However, the reason is that you’ve likely had your driver’s license suspended for any of the following reasons, A DUI or a DWI, a Reckless driving charge or some other serious infraction of the law.

do i need an sr22 if i don't drive?Even if you don’t own a car or intend to drive a car, you have previously had a car or driven. The filing shows the state that you’re taking responsibility and will serve to allow you to have your license reinstated, and if you were ever in an emergent situation and did drive, you’ve got the required endorsement to do so.

Nonowner SR-22 Requirement

Typically called an SR22, this certificate shows that you have financial responsibility. Even if you don’t own a car, intend to drive or have a current license (due to having it suspended) they will require that you have this filing. This shows the state that you’re financially responsible.

What’s Nonowner Insurance?

If you’re driving someone else’s car, you’re the “nonowner.” These insurance policies don’t provide coverage to you but rather, to the person who owns the car should you get into a wreck. This is a comprehensive collision or referred to as a direct liability coverage for the car that you’re driving.

An SR22 is a form of secondary insurance that follows you, the driver, not the vehicle.

Where Can I Get An SR22?

There are only a few companies that provide SR22s. You’ll have to call around in your local area and find a company that provides them in order to file for one. For now, all you can click here to see the list of companies that are offering this privilege in your area and get free quotes from them.

You’ll have to show proof of insurance as well as your personal information. If you don’t own a car, but will be driving, you’ll have to have this to get your driver’s license reinstated. It’s a simple process to acquire.

Even if you don’t anticipate driving, you may, at some point in time, borrow a friends car for some purpose and you must have this endorsement in order to do so. Even if your friend has car insurance, you must have this endorsement if you’re going to be driving.

If a court of law has ordered you to get an SR22 to have your driver’s license reinstated, it’s vital that you do so and comply. Each state will have a particular time frame that you must have the SR22 in place. Usually, the standard fee for an SR22 form is $25 but could vary on the state you are living.

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