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Can You Get Car Insurance For A Month?

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Young 25 year old driving a carThe average person does not look for short-term or one-month car insurance but it is a viable option for those who do.

Short-term car insurance has been around for a long time and does serve a purpose.

This read is going to take a look at whether or not an individual can sign up for single month car insurance and what the process entails.

Full Coverage

The policy is going to vary from agency to agency but often comes under the name “temporary” insurance. Car owners who are signing up for this type of insurance can pick and choose the length of the agreement based on their requirements.

Some agencies are willing to offer an hourly rate based on the agreed terms.

How Does It Work?

In general, the process is quick and is not going to take longer to set up.

The agency will look to go over the key details such as one’s driving experience, car history, and other relevant information to see what the right features are. This will be discussed with a representative from the agency.

Once the information is approved and the features are selected, a rate is set for the one-month period.

Please note, the insurance agreement will cancel as soon as the month is over. It can be renewed at any stage or extended if necessary (terms may change).

Ideal Candidates for One-Month Insurance

Let’s take a look at who the ideal candidate is for one-month insurance.

1) Young Drivers
2) Learner Drivers
3) Classic Car Enthusiasts
4) People with Emergencies

All of these candidates can and should take a look at going with temporary insurance as soon as possible. It is quick, easy, and affordable. The insurance will be in place on the same day making it easier to drive around with one’s vehicle.

Benefits of One-Month Insurance

1) Peace of Mind for the Month
2) Simple To Setup
3) Ideal for Young Drivers or Learners
4) Wide Array of Coverage Options

These benefits start to become important as one needs to get behind the wheel to drive around. Instead of going with a long-term insurance policy that is costly, it is easier to choose the temporary option and get a great deal at the same time.

One-month insurance is not only possible but can often become one of the better options for drivers. It’s all about determining what is best for you and your needs.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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