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Broad Form Insurance FAQs

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For those looking for inexpensive coverage for their vehicle, the broad form insurance may be the one for you. It is a limited-type of car insurance designed for those who live alone or never carry passengers in their vehicle.

What Does it Cover?

This type of coverage is designed only for the driver of the vehicle and no one else. This means that you live alone or no one else drives or rides in your car or truck, then this might be the right type of auto insurance for your needs. It covers only the person who is named on the policy itself and no one else.

What are the Benefits of Broad Form Named Operator Coverage?

The largest single benefit from this type of policy is that it greatly reduces the premiums for car insurance. You can get the same type of coverage in terms of liability that comes with standard insurance that meets your state’s minimum requirements.

Why is Broad Form Insurance Inexpensive?

This type of coverage is inexpensive because it is limited to the person who is named on the policy. One reason that car insurance premiums have gone up over the years is that covering other drivers or passengers has become more expensive. If you never have anyone else riding or driving your vehicle, then you are paying extra for services that you will not use.

Does it Cover Repairs to My Car?

This form of insurance is liability only. It means if you are the cause of an accident, the insurance will pay for the damage to the other vehicle as well as any injuries that the other driver and passengers sustain. However, it does not cover repairs to your vehicle because the insurance is liability and perhaps uninsured motorist only. This means that if the other driver is at fault, their insurance will cover the repairs. Or if they do not have insurance, your uninsured motorist will pay for the repairs.

What is Different About this Policy?

The main difference is that this policy only covers the person whose name in on the insurance. Other differences include the fact that it does not cover motorcycles or company vehicles. It is also secondary insurance if you are driving the vehicle of another person who has standard insurance. This means that if you are in an accident, their policy will kick in instead of yours.

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I Have a Family, is Broad Form Insurance Suitable for Me?

Probably not, unless no one else in your family drives or rides in your vehicle. This is really only for people who live alone or if their vehicle is never used by others or you accept passengers. Since the temptation would be strong to have passengers ride in your vehicle if you are part of a family, it is best advised that you use standard insurance instead.

Overall, broad form named operator policy coverage is perfect for singles that never have passengers and never let anyone else borrow their car or truck. If you are in this situation, then named operator policy insurance is right for you.

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