7 Facts About Non-Owner SR22 Insurance

This type of insurance is for those who want to reinstate their driver’s licenses, but do not own a vehicle. For those without a vehicle, non-owner SR22 auto insurance offers the minimum liability as required by almost all states. For those who are getting their driver’s licensed reinstated, here are the seven most important facts you need to know about SR22 insurance without a vehicle.

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Non Owner Insurance FactsYou Set the Insurance Level: Although many people who purchase non-owner SR22 insurance will choose to get it at the minimum level until they get a vehicle, you can choose the level that you want. You may find that a higher level is best depending on your needs.

Does Not Have Comprehensive or Collision: While you can raise the amount of liability coverage, you cannot add comprehensive or collision to the insurance policy.

Purchase without SR22 Form: Keep in mind that you can buy a non-owner insurance policy without an SR22 form if you want coverage when driving a vehicle you do not own. Of course, if the SR22 is required when you get your driver’s license reinstated, that is another matter.

Owner’s Insurance is Primary: If you drive someone else’s vehicle with their permission and cause an accident, their insurance will pay up to the coverage level. Your non-owner insurance will only kick in to pay any claims above the limit.

Conversion is Easy: You can convert your non-owner policy to a standard one when you obtain a vehicle. You only need to contact the insurance company and have the vehicle added to your insurance. Your premiums will probably increase.

No Coverage for Rental or Commercial Vehicles: Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first, your non-owner SR22 insurance does not cover rental or commercial vehicles. This is because rental and commercial vehicles are covered by a different method than non-owner insurance can provide. So, your insurance will not be in effect if you are driving either a commercial or rental vehicle, but there will be other insurance that provides the coverage.

No Coverage for Teenage Drivers at Home or Other Vehicles in the Household: This means that you cannot purchase the insurance for teenagers still living at home who do not own a vehicle. Nor can you use it to cover vehicles owned by other members of the household.

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