How Much Does An 18 Year Old Female Pay for Car Insurance?

Compared to men, car insurance for ladies is considerably less. When it comes to the average car insurance cost for 18 year old female, they can expect to pay 10% – 15% less than men assuming they get the same coverage and have identical driving records.

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Car Insurance is Lower for Women than Men CounterpartWomen are also more likely to get certain discounts for all type of car insurance as compared to men simply because they are less likely to have accidents or file for claims.

It is these benefits that make women a better risk in the eyes of insurance companies when it comes to auto insurance.

Average Cost of Car Insurance for 18 Year Old Female:

Defining the average cost depends on several different factors that need to be taken into account first before any number is given.

Generally speaking, 18 year old female car insurance rates for the average vehicle, no accidents, good credit history, average miles, suburban residence, can expect to pay from $1,300 to $1,500 annually for car insurance in most states.

Get Average Cost of Car Insurance for 18 Year Old Female After Requesting Free Online QuotesHowever, it should be noted that such averages can vary considerably depending on the aforementioned factors. Click here to get the lowest rate in your location.

The average car insurance for 18 year old female is generally less than men simply because statistically they are less likely to get into car accidents or file claims that create a stronger risk.

Because in terms of statistics they are less of a risk, they tend to enjoy better rates than men. This is true for 18 year old drivers who are generally speaking in the highest risk category because of their lack of driving experience.

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What You Must Know:

There are several factors you must take into consideration for women car insurance, particularly if you have never purchased it before.

Type of Insurance: Comprehensive car insurance is typical for automobile owners who used a loan to get their car or truck. However, if you are driving a used vehicle and didn’t take out a loan, then you should consider getting the state minimum required insurance of liability and uninsured motorist. This is considerably less expensive.

Deductible: The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance rates. Of course, you will need to carry the deductible amount in your savings account so that if you should need your vehicle repaired you can cover the difference. However, it will lower the overall premiums that you pay for your insurance.

Discounts: There are a few discounts for 18 year old female car insurance that you can seek out to lower your premiums even further.

  • Bundling: Combining your auto with home, boat, or other approved insurance under one company.
  • Safety Course: Taking an approved safety course will provide a discount for your rates.
  • Comparison Shop: Look around at several insurance companies to find the best rate.

While 18 year old females have a premium advantage over their male counterparts, you should still look for the best insurance rates possible to fit your budget.